10 Must-Have Items for the Big Day

Just imagine the excitement of your perfect wedding day; the preparations, the build up to the ceremony, all your close family and friends sharing your precious memories, and then the enjoyment of a great getaway just the two of you. Make sure you add these wedding must-haves to your matrimonial check list:

1. Location: Many factors will affect your choice of location; religion, proximity, cost, etc. Wedding businesses directories are a great source to start looking for wedding and reception locations.

2. Invitations: Send out all the details of your wedding on an eye catching invitation. Loads of places offer great looking wedding invitations. These include card shops, arty stores or even check out an online wedding invitations directory.

3. Garments: They say once you have the dress, everything else falls into place. Brides say the dress popped out at them as soon as they saw it. Sales assistants may say that rarely exists. Go with your instincts and pick the dress that speaks to you. Men are easier. A suit, tux or native dress will do the job.

4. Flowers: Nice smelling, colourful fresh flowers in Christchurch NZ set the scene of your romantic day.

Consult with a few florists found in a local wedding florists directory and see what kinds of wedding packages they offer.

5. Food and Drink: Plan to provide food and drink for the following times; champagne or orange juice for when guests arrive at the reception. The main meal for important guests. Finally, a buffet style set up with bar at the evening reception.

6. Music: Band or DJ, your choice. It’s not just about having music at your reception, it’s also about having some live entertainment. Something for your guests to enjoy. Remember that it’s your big day so go with music you both love.

7. Transport: Fancy cars to take you to the ceremony and buses to transport guests to and from the reception. Remember that almost everyone will want to enjoy the night by having a drink. You don’t want to leave anyone stranded without a way to get home.

8. Favors: Give your guests a small keepsake of your special day. That way, whenever they look at it at home, they will be reminded of the great time they had. You may also want to give the wedding party a few bigger gifts as a thank you for their efforts and support.

9. Cake: Yummy delicious cake. Pick your favourite sponge and icing flavours and fill it with cream, jam, chocolate, raisins, whatever. Have fun with choosing the cake. In addition to looking spectacular it must also taste great.

10. Honeymoon: Last but not least is the honeymoon. It’s your time to celebrate the first day of the rest of your lives. Common places to visit on your honeymoon include romantic getaways in beautiful European cities like Paris and Rome as well as visually stunning beach resorts in Jamaica, Mexico, Hawaii, and Thailand.